Other Blogs to Read

You might want to read my friends’ blogs to get a better idea of what our experiences are like. My friends will probably write about all the things I don’t, or give you a different perspective on things. They are clever and nice and smart and pretty great (which is why they’re my friends, by the way), so you might just want to read their blogs anyways. In no particular order:

Travis, a Fellow Temporary Oxfordian, Literature and Theory guy, and all around stylish and enjoyable chap

Hannah, a Temporary Cambridgian, Oxbridge Music major (that rare breed), and an experienced adventurer

Kasia, a Temporary Cambridgian, tumblr guru, Literature and Theory scholar, and finder of excellent things on the internet. Also here.

Jesserman (Jess), a Fellow Temporary Oxfordian, flat mate, Institutions and Policy major, baller photographer, and one of my best friends. Photos from life in Oxford are here.

Paige, a Fellow Temporary Oxfordian, Literature and Theory student, one of the hardest workers and kindest people I know

anyone’s blog I missed, y’all?

Matt, a Temporary Cambridgian, Oxbridge Music major, and a French Hornist. (that’s definitely a word.)

Patrick, a Fellow Temporary Oxfordian at Regent’s Park with Jess, Mariah, and I, I and P guy, and adventure-provoker

Stephen, molec bio guy, OOSC-er with Travis and Annie, all-around swell guy

Cynthia, roommate for 2 years, ridiculousness-generator, trumpet player, Spanish-speaker, studying in Spain for a semester


4 Comments on “Other Blogs to Read”

  1. Susan says:

    Maybe you could add Cynthia’s blog here….that way I can do all my lurking from one jump-off spot.

  2. Kathy says:


  3. Kathy says:

    Yay, Jessica…..ROME pictures!

  4. Kathy says:

    I think Travis deserves some award for his frequency and calibar of blogging….

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