Ladle Heist

People are inspired by different the same sight differently. For example: the gorgeous Swiss Alps inspire some to write poetry, or paint, or go on long hikes. They inspire ME to rewrite the words to “Edelweiss” from Sound of Music as “Ladle Heist”, the epic tale of spoon-theiving adventures. I am comfortable with who I am and how I react to things.

Ladle Heist (sung to the tune of Edelweiss, from The Sound of Music)

[You must attempt to sing it as you read. it’s no good otherwise. Promise.]

Ladle heist, ladle heist; we stole all of big spoons

Ladle heist, ladle heist; now you can’t serve the au jus.

[now the “blossom of snow” part]

Punch and some soup and the gravy,

all are stuck, in the bowl


Ladle heist, ladle heist; late one night we crept iiiiiinnnn.

Ladle heist, ladle heist; all the beds were all slept in.

[“blossom of snow” part again]

We ran in quickly to kitchen, kitchen for the laaaaadles.

Ladle heist, ladle heist; once we gather them in a sack

Ladle heist, ladle heist; we sneaked off without looking back.

[other part]

We can now scoop to our hearts’ content, while you vent, your frustration, foreeeever.

Ladle heist, ladle heist; we stole all of your big spoons.

Ladle heist, ladle heist;We are the culinariest of all the goons.

[okay, that last line is tough to sing, with all those syllables and stuff. but if you’re committed, you’ll be able to manage.]


One Comment on “Ladle Heist”

  1. Cyntaur says:

    You’re so strange. I like it.

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