Today I had to switch hostels, because the one I was staying at was booked out for tonight by the time I booked it last week. Not a big deal, I just booked one night in another hostel fairly close in Tallinn, packed up my stuff this morning, and set off to switch locations.

Well, after two days of cold but sunny, it was raining and windy and cold. Someone called it “Soviet Weather” if that gives you the picture.

Oh well, I am a hearty traveler, and am firmly of the opinion that a little rain never hurt anyone. So off I set.

Below is the route that I looked up beforehand from one hostel to another:

Not a bad walk, just a little over a mile, not too complicated.

…If you know me, you know that this story is about to take a twist.

Thanks to my patented Never Fail, Always  Trustworthy, Generally Quite Impressive Ability to Be Directionally-Challenged, THIS was the route I took:

This turned out to be a 3+ mile scenic tour (in the rain and wind, mind you) of “the other side of town”. The buildings alternated between concrete block apartments and wooden buildings that looked like they were about to fall down. If it had been night time, I would have said it was decidedly “sketch”. I don’t know if this is true, but it felt like closer to what Tallinn might have been like while it was Soviet-controlled, than Old Town does. It was cool to see that, but by the end of my walk, I was reeeally ready to be there.

I manage to go precisely the wrong way, and thereafter have awful instincts about getting back on track. It’s a powerful combination, and one that gets more much more exercise than I am really looking for, a lot of the time.

And this is why I should never be in charge of directions for anything, any time.


3 Comments on “Directions”

  1. americanfriends says:

    I feel your pain. Deeply. I cannot survive without a working GPS. Period. I guess if I have to have a disability, there are worse ones. At least there are modifications that can be enacted (GPS!!). Love you, Karen

  2. americanfriends says:

    I feel your pain. Deeply. Well, if we have to have a disability, there could be worse ones. At least we can use a modification (GPS). GPS…it changed my life. Love you, Karen

  3. Dad says:

    This looks like it is full of twisted probably unmarked streets. Glad you finally found your way to the final location.

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