This is what I said on facebook about Carl’s and my clubbing experience:

Last night Carl and I went to a real, live Spanish nightclub. With gold chairs. And absurdly loud music. and Spanish guys sharking on all the girls. yeah. it happened. Cultural Experience, man.

and then I had to clarify:

Unfortunately “sharking” is NOT a goofy dance move in which one does the “baby shark dun dun dun dun dun dun dun” dance, and it is in fact “hitting on in a particularly sleazy or aggressive way”. It’s British slang.

Well, we didn’t take any pictures in the club (because that would have been so unbearably, immeasurably uncool as to cause my future children to hide in mortification at some random moment in 25 years), so this will have to do:


the couches weren’t gold when we went, but the chairs up top still were.

and that stamp on my hand is proof that I was there.

oh yeah.


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