Felipe the Handsome and Andre (the Cute but Kind of Dumb and Crazy)

Carl and Athene (our Kiwi friend from the hostel) and I hopped a bus to go about half an hour outside Granada to go on a hike that Cynthia had told us about. It’s called Los Cahorros de Monachil, and it was really beautiful.

After a false start (which wasn’t even the fault of my awful sense of direction! for once…), we headed up the hill and through the farms, back into the Spanish desert-y foothills.

And were adopted by two dogs.  One, who we later named Felipe the Handsome (Felipe el Guapo was the nickname of one of the kings, and is an awesome name for any person or any animal), just wandered up, and trotted along with us for the next 6+ miles of hiking. And as we walked by another farm, Felipe tangled with another dog, but quickly the other dog decided Felipe could be the boss, and he, now named Andre, was happy to trot along, chewing on rocks and attempting to catch birds. He’s kind of dumb. And great. But dumb.

And so, for the next four hours, they herded us, chased off down the hills, jumped in the stream, barked at other dogs, eyed our lunches enviously, and followed us loyally. It was just like having two pet dogs for the afternoon. It was great. 

Andre especially bonded with Carl.

Felipe was definitely the leader. He would get grumpy if Andre ran ahead, and would check things out, and come round us up again.

Lunchtime was an exercise in self-control by Felipe, and in distraction by Andre. All we had to do was throw Andre’s specific favorite rock and he’d be off and running. Until Carl threw it in the river and Andre the Cute but Dumb had to pick a new one. But Felipe just sat there, eyeing Carl’s sandwich longingly.

It was so delightful to have to lively and pretty well behaved dogs trotting along with us. We liked them so much.

Now, there was the time where “our” dogs tangled with these massive goat herding dogs, and were sent running for the hills, faster than we realized was possible. They reminded me of Hank the Cowdog.


Being adopted by two awesome dogs is something I definitely recommend for the next time you visit Granada. Do what you can do make that happen…


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