Above Granada With the Martyrs

My favorite place in Granada, even more than the Alhambra, surprisingly enough, was a place called Carmen de los Martires, or “Something of the Martyrs”, as my always-impressive Spanish indicates. Cynthia took us there the first day, and we went back on our last day. It is a park, waaaaaaay up a hill, with a gorgeous palace-like building and lots of gardens, both manicured and more natural. and it’s got tons of water features, which is something that Granada seems to do well.

but the thing I loved most about it was that it was so, so peaceful. It was high above the rest of the city, and there weren’t nearly as many tourists there as at the Alhambra, and it was shady and breezy for warm days, but had spots to stretch out in the sun like on of the cats that meandered around outside its walls. And there was always the sound of splashing water from one of the fountains. It was glorious. So here are a few pictures from there:

This is the view of the Alhambra along a neighboring hill, and then Granada spread out below and to the left.

Carl and I talked about what we would do if we were the regents who’d owned this particular palace. or the martyrs. we couldn’t figure out what the whole story with this place was.

anyway, one of the things I said I would do would be to only hold walking meetings, so that we could walk through this doorway into my gardens where we could pick these oranges (and they would be actually sweet, rather than gross, as apparently they are now).

and then Carl did exactly what he would do if he were king: he sat down and read a book, making thinking noises occasionally, and then staring across the garden to think about it some more. Philosopher-king, man. He could totally do it.

In case you can’t see it well enough, the picture that follows is a lot of my favorite things, all together: redbud trees in full bloom, lovely walking paths, walls to sit on, blue skies, and mountains in the distance. BOOM.

And if I were queen, I would pay someone to train a peacock to stand perfectly still on my wall at sunset on those days when I particularly needed to impress a royal visitor with my awesomeness. Because, darn, if it isn’t impressive.

Anyway, that’s my favorite place in Granada, and if you’re ever there, pleasepleaseplease go and just sit and walk and think and wander and talk for a couple of hours. I was so glad we did.


4 Comments on “Above Granada With the Martyrs”

  1. cyntaur23 says:

    I like it there a whole lot. The water features comes from the old Arabic cultural influences. Water is very important in Islam, and it’s still evident in a lot of the Islamic architecture you see around Granada. Thanks, history, for making Granada a cool place.

  2. Kathy says:

    Gorgeous pictures…..the peacock one is fantabulous!

  3. Renee says:

    I love all these photos, but the second one is just stunning.

  4. Melissa Hartwell says:

    I didn’t make it there 😦

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