Today Carl, Cynthia, and I went to a science museum that hit the undisputed Three Best Things in Science:

(Honorable Mention of the Best Things in Science: Statues of Albert Einstein)

1. Dinosaurs! (T-rexes! Anamatronic super violent scenes! Bones that are a zillion feet tall, meaning that the whole dinosaur must have been gargantuan.)

It’s not a great picture of me but I include it for 3 reasons: 1. It shows off the t-rex’s bloody teeth nicely. 2. My mom has pushed for me to actually be in a few of the pictures from my travels. 3. It looks like I’ve been photoshopped into it, which makes me laugh.

please just LOOK at how HUGE that leg is. that’s the leg of the biggest dinosaur. woah. Please try to imagine how big the rest of it would be. that’s why cynthia looks the way she does. because she’s trying to imagine it.

This picture epitomizes why these two friends might be my two favorite people in the world to go to museums with: I looked over and they were doing this. and then I made them do it again so I could take a picture.

2. The human body!

I think the coolest part was where they’d shot a dead person’s veins and arteries all through with red plastic, and when it hardened they’d taken off all the organic matter, and it was just a network of ALL your veins and arteries. it blew me away. GUYS! That’s what we are like inside!

Those are all real hearts. the second one from left is a human heart. the furthest right one is a whale heart. woah.

3. Optical illusions!

They had a super neat M.C. Escher exhibit. You know, that guy who makes things like this:

This guy knew what he was doing. it was SO cool.

and then they had a room with a zillion mirrors, and that just blew our mind. Both Carl and I had to step out the first time we saw Cynthia’s reflection. It looked SO MUCH like there were two of her, right there. It was freaky. and AWESOME.

Perhaps the oddest group picture I’ve ever taken?

still don’t understand how there was not two of me there. It really, really looks like it.

Probably my favorite thing about seeing Science with my friends? The fact that we have this much fun.


Good job, Parque de Ciencias in Granada. You were 3-for-3 on all the best things of science. You are the bomb.


2 Comments on “Science!”

  1. maaaan. I am so science-jelly!!
    I wanna see the dino leg and the whale heart!!!!
    Glad you guys had/are having fun 🙂

  2. cyntaur23 says:

    I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t imagine how big that dinosaur would’ve been. My brain still feels boggled, and I’m just laying in my bed trying to think about it.

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