Computer Trouble-Shooting

Here’s a conversation that might have happened if you’d walked into our kitchen in the flat at 1 am:

You: “Karen, why are you shaking your already-fragile laptop upside-down over the sink, and then poking the end of a spoon into the side vents, and then shaking it some more?”
Me: “I am trying to get the dried cheese out of there.”
You: …
Me: “Oh, don’t give me that look.”

You: …
Me: “Listen! Sometimes you are frantically trying to get from the flat to a meeting in college in literally 3 minutes with your director of studies, and you throw really random things into your backpack, like half-eaten little Laughing Cow cream cheese triangle things, and then your laptop. and the cheese gets imprinted into the side vents of your laptop. and you forget about it until the next day. Sometimes these things happen.”
You: …
You: “Not to me, they don’t.”

So from now on, any computer problem I have I am going to blame on the cheese.


2 Comments on “Computer Trouble-Shooting”

  1. Aunt Karen says:

    Ah, my namesake. Have to admit I have had salsa in mine…similar scenerio. The Apple people were not thrilled, but end the end they were good to me. 🙂

  2. I am in love with this post. I laughed so hard. You rock.

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