Karla Came to Visit!

This is Karla and I, guys, in Oxford!

This is Karla and I the last time we’d gotten to see each other, over four months earlier, in Kansas City. You can tell how long it had been by how much her bangs had grown. When you can start to measure time apart in hair length, I think that means you’ve been apart a long time…

Man. I could write a bunch about her, but (1) it would be really mushy and you guys would all roll your eyes and (2) I should just write it all in an email to her. But, suffice it to say, I learn a ton from her every time I see her, and I laugh so much, and I seriously just delight in her and feel delighted in by her. So it was a blast having her in Oxford.

Between the three of us (Lindsay, Karla, and myself) we only managed to take pictures together once, but at least I managed to get some pictures as the single most frequented place in Oxford for Karla: Ben’s Cookies. She went there at least once a day 75% of the days. sometimes more than once I day. Karla knows how to be on vacation. I love it.

Unfortunately we never got to meet the “Ben” of said Cookies. Bummer.

Those things were massive, and DELICIOUS. I can’t even tell you.

Ben’s most loyal new customer.

This is not Ben. This is Lindsay! She is pretty rad. That’s another benefit of being friends with Karla: she has super cool friends that you get to know, too.

okay. those are all the pictures I managed to get while Karla was here. But, really, what more did we need to document? Ben’s Cookies, check. Friends, check. Boom-shacka. (as Karla says)


3 Comments on “Karla Came to Visit!”

  1. Megan says:

    When I packed up my stuff to move back to the U.S., I found space in my crammed and overweight suitcase for an entire tin of Ben’s Cookies to take back to my family.
    They’re so freaking good.

  2. Susan says:

    The sign looks like it is drawn by Quentin Blake

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