It is where I live. and I don’t write about it a ton. Sorry. but Jess wrote a piece about the feel of Oxford that is true and interesting. She says things like:

I imagined that Oxford would be the nerd center of the universe, and a pretentious one at that. That turns out to not be the case at all. […] Tutors go by their first names. I’ve yet to hear a single word about the proper formatting of an essay. In the entirety of Fresher’s Week (a rather alcohol-saturated version of orientation), not once did a faculty member sit everyone down and proceed to wax eloquent about what a fine institution this is and how privileged we are to be here and then exhort everyone to carry on the tradition with excellence.

It’s true! (and I, and my game of tell-me-two-highlights-and-one-lowlight, get a shout-out!)

So, you should read it.


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