“Goose egg”

[Warning: If you feel squeamish about hearing about butchering animals or about their reproductive cycles, probably skip this post. And if you ever want to feel fine about eating eggs, please don’t think too much about what they are and where they come from. For your own good.]

Does your family use the expression “a goose egg” to describe a big lump, typically from a fall or hit received on the head or forehead? Mine does. Turns out, that’s because goose eggs are SUPER BIG.  If you actually had a metaphorical* goose egg on your head as big as a real goose egg, you should probably go to the doctor.

I know these things about goose eggs because I killed a goose.

Here’s another thing I learned: there are eggs, ready to be laid  and everything, inside a goose, if you kill the goose at the right time.

I know this because I participated in it. And here is a picture of the goose egg we got FROM INSIDE THE GOOSE.

It made me feel like we were just being impatient about things. We should have waited until it laid the egg.

Here’s a picture of this egg. THAT WE RETRIEVED FROM INSIDE A GOOSE.

So weird.

and then we boiled and ate (some of us) the sack and yolks that didn’t even have calcium shells around them yet. Like, pre-pre-eggs.

As I said at the top, don’t think about eggs too much if you want to keep eating them and not being weirded the heck out.

I tell you this because I care.


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