“Give me a dairy cow that speaks English!”

None of us spoke Italian. Two of us spoke Spanish. One of us spoke Arabic.

Given this state of affairs, it was sometimes hilarious to have Cynthia provide translations for phrases we saw. Even her most absurd translations did make sense as inspired by the actual Italian, but it was loooooosely inspired, at the best of times. While baking, we dispatched someone in search of baking powder in the recesses of the kitchen. The person returned with a packet of what we all agreed would best be translated “levitation powder”. and then cynthia took it upon herself to read the packet and figure out what it actually was. All the information that we gained in the end was that, “to the best of my knowledge, this is ‘Instant Levitation, made of donkeys and sugar.'”

At one point, Cynthia translated a sentence from our Italian phrasebook as “Give me a dairy cow that speaks English!” and we just about died of laughter. Pictured above is what we believe to be that cow.

You might scoff at this, but Adriano, the inimitable Romanian farmhand, swore that Johnny, the farm pig, spoke Romanian.

which clearly makes us seem a bit more sane…


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