every morning, we got up around 7.30 to start our day. and every morning, we were treated to some of the most beautiful sunrises, over one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen.

none of this grey-getting-slowly-into-lighter-grey business. no, the valleys would be full of mist, settled in the bottom, and the sun would gild the top of the hills  and the clouds with gold and intense pink-red and the sky would be deep, deep blue higher up.

my words can’t come close to conveying that beauty, and neither would a picture I would attempt to take. So here’s a picture that shows the human reaction to that beauty: Jess, brushing her teeth, braving the chilly morning in bare feet, to take in the sunrise.



One Comment on “Sunrise”

  1. Joseph G. says:

    Just love this…thanks for capturing it…

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