Something You Probably Didn’t Know, That Is Ridiculous:

At CERN, the most advanced particle physics lab in the world, one of their videos they show you on tour is in 3-D. Just because. It’s a video of how they made the Large Hadron Collider. It’s mostly people standing there, being interviewed. In barely-noticeable 3-D.

did I not just mention that they were THE most advanced particle physics lab in the world?? That’s like an Olympic gold-medal-winning runner in his or her prime wearing shoes with stripes on them…because they make him or her look faster.

What CERN is, what it has to boast about.

What CERN added, to, I dunno, make it cooler? (It=that amazing this above)

dear CERN,

you are cool and science-y and mindblowing and technologically impressive enough by virtue of being FREAKING CERN. you could drop the 3-D the next time you make a video.


a Visitor, Concerned You’re Insecure and Trying a Leeetle Too Hard, When You Really, Really Don’t Need To.


One Comment on “Something You Probably Didn’t Know, That Is Ridiculous:”

  1. Dad says:

    You really have the ability to see how crazy things really are. Thanks for the good laugh 3-D style.

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