Some observations from the first few days on the olive/cows/sheep/other produce farm:

-at a certain point of cleaning a dirt floor, you’re just digging a whole. 

-useful Italian words:

capisco, or more commonly, non capisco- I understand, or I don’t understand
“basta”-enough=work’s done, or stop whatever you’re doing because you’ve done enough/too much of it
“gratzi” thanks, “prego” you’re welcome. or a pasta sauce brand.
“bancaria” pallet (like a wooden pallet. sometime soon you’ll get picturse of the sweet wall we made for a cow pen, made out of pallet-tarp-pallet sandwiches. get excited!)
“piano”-slowly, used by the handyman, to tell us to work more slowly, as he works super quickly around us.

-fog settling in the valleys between Italian farming hillsides, with the setting us turning the hilltops to gold is one of the most beautiful things you can see.

-Italian is absurdly similar to Spanish. BUt somehow still difficult to sort out as it’s being spoken at you with loud volume and much emotion (which is the only way Italians speak, I’ve learned)

-Sheep are dumb, cows are curious and a bit creepy as they just stare at you, and cats are ridiculously nosy. They jumped in the bags we were folding as we were folding them, tried to attack the tarps we were dragging, and took residence on the wall we were building as we built it. and rats….rats are huge and terrifying, and I will never pick up a board in a shed without checking first that it does not have a nest of 4 or 5 huge rats underneath it.


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