Game Night with the Brians

As much as I love traveling, I was so ready to spend some time crashed on someone’s couch by the time Carl’s and my trip to Geneva was done. I was ready to be in one place, to be warm, to be with friends instead of at a hostel, to bum around in my adopted hometown of Oxford instead of exploring new places all the time (as awesome as new places are). And God provided Caitlin and Will’s flat for me, which was perfect in all the ways I needed it to be.

(This is Caitlin and Will. Photo credit: Caitlin’s sister, Laura, I believe)

Caitlin is one half of our awesome Focus Table 4 leaders, and also half of the power couple that is Caitlin-and-Will. She and Will are American. But not only are they American, they are SOUTHERN. It is glorious. Will is from New Orleans, and Caitlin is from Texas. And since I’m not actually southern at all, you’d think that maybe this would make me not feel quite as at-home as staying with some Midwesterners, but…man,

And guys, here is proof that you never know what will make you feel at home: when they started talking about college football, I almost started crying. I’d kind of forgotten that people cared about LSU and ‘Bama. It was surprisingly wonderful to hear that people do.

Not to mention eating Will’s red beans and rice (but that might have been the Tabasco sauce [TABASCO!] that brought the tears that time).

Anyway, time with them was relaxing and full of laughter and exactly what I needed. I am so thankful for them.

In addition to being southern and “health people” and good cooks (both of them!) and sometimes really, really ridiculous, they are both super competitive. Will and I had one-on-one battles in Egyptian Rat Trap (a slapping card game) that lasted over 45 minutes. I won the season series, 2-1. And then we played Ticket to Ride, a strategy, train-line-building game. We played it at their friends’ house, then borrowed it and played it immediately again that night, then played it again the next day. Each of the games was filled with suspense, competition, backstabbing, and scheming. Did I mention they were competitive?

Guess from this guy’s face who won:


We’ll get him next time.


2 Comments on “Game Night with the Brians”

  1. Caitlin says:

    That’s right we’ll get him next time!!

    Oh Karen, we were more than happy to have you sleep on our floor, listen to us bash Bama, and share Will’s ridiculously spicy food. And I would personally like to thank you for beating my husband in a game. It doesn’t happen often enough. 😉

  2. Renee B. says:

    Ah! I love Ticket to Ride. I played it about two years ago at the Crim’s house, with this really quiet Korean who hardly spoke English. At the turn before his last one he played like twenty cards that gave him a bajillion points and lots of railroad (It’s been two years since I played, so I’m a little foggy on all of the details of how you win). Anyway, he ended just staring silently at his ridiculously huge trans-American train empire.

    I was not very good at this game, but I had a tremendously fun time along the way.

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