A Ramble on a Winter Day in Oxford

I think I’m falling in love. With muddy English fields under mostly-grey skies, no less. How bizarre.

I’ve really started to love the English fields and countryside over the last few weeks. I mean, I appreciated them before, but I’ve had an increasing affection for them and desire to go on walks lately. It must be all the tea that’s getting to me or something.

But on days like today, when I’m just arrived back in Oxford  –which really does feel more and more like home the more often I leave it– when the sun is shining, when the sky is blue (!!!), when it’s not too chilly because of my scarf, I just want to go for a ramble in the fields and by the rivers. So I did.

Today I mostly stuck by the river and stayed on my bike, but another day when I have my red boots again I will traipse through the mud in the fields and the forest.

 I can’t wait.


2 Comments on “A Ramble on a Winter Day in Oxford”

  1. Wonderful photos and comments.

  2. Megan says:

    Karen, I love this. I love the photos and I love your pleasure in these places.

    Oh, and ps- I love you.

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