The Patek Phillippe Museum of Watches and Fanciness

I was going to do a whole post with different awards for the different museums Carl and I visited in Geneva, but we visited 8 museums in 5 days, and I felt a little overwhelmed by remembering and being clever about all of them. So here’s the only award that survived out of that:

The Fanciest/Ritziest Museum I’ve Ever Been To Award

goes to…The Patek Philippe Museum! It’s a museum that chronicles the history of watch making, especially as done by the Patek Philippe watchmaking company. the watches were fascinating and ornate and some of them were ridiculous and all of them were way too fancy to be used in ordinary life, probably. It was well organized and the big signs were really informative. It even managed to help me, as mechanically unintuitive as I am, to understand how a watch works! Pretty great.

the museum usually costs about $10 to get in, but we went on a free day. But you could tell that this was a Fancy Museum. After a week of going to tiny, free museums and also large, free museums (which were great, by the way, definitely not knocking them), the difference in just general opulence of this museum was striking! It was so, SO fancy. The carpets were fancy, the exhibits were fancy, the lights were fancy, the tour guides were fancy…

in fact, the convey to you the general fanciness of this museum, I have prepared a small diagram on MS Paint. You know, like I do. For your enjoyment and enlightenment:

You should go to it if you are ever in Geneva on a Saturday. I thought it was pretty neat. and Fancy.

And that, my friends,  is why the Patek Philippe Museum wins the award for The Fanciest/Ritziest Museum I’ve Ever Been To.

…that and the fact that things like this watch were displayed there:


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