Inverness and Loch Ness

the streetlights were on at 8.45 am, because we are –as a highway sign helpfully pointed out– in THE NORTH.

on our walk to and from our hostel, we get to walk along the gorgeous River Ness. It’s lovely. (and, yes, this one’s a bit blown out, but I kind of dig the effect.)

Travelling Buddy Mariah! Somehow she manages to look cute and pulled together, even while walking miles in the cold and snow, and I look like someone’s Russian grandma, in mourning.

picture of picture-taking! meta!

Loch Ness! No monster, though, and surprisingly few terrible “Nessie” or “monster hunting” puns on the day. So I’ll take it as a 1 out of 2 kind of victory. (although on the pun-count, neither Mariah nor I are very punny people, and we didn’t go on a tour or into any Loch Ness museums, so we avoided the danger-zones pretty well)

This is Urqhart Castle (spelled something like that), which looked SUPER cool, but it was closed for the day due to snow and ice. Next time…

I love the intricacy of branches with snow on them.

Living here would almost make the required job in the tourism or animal (sheep) raising arenas worth it.


3 Comments on “Inverness and Loch Ness”

  1. Renee B. says:

    Picture number seven is now my desktop background. Excellent word, mon amie.

  2. Melissa Hartwell says:

    I made the snowy branches my desktop background too!!

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