A Morning in the JCR

After one of my recent posts, my mom asked me if I hung out with anyone besides American who go to Jewell, since almost all of my pictures are of them. Well, I definitely do hang out with other people, but I hadn’t taken very many pictures. So, this morning I was on a post-double-essay-week high/low/lack of desire to do any work, so I hung out in the JCR and took pictures of things and people. Here are some of them:

This is what’s left five to ten minutes after Brew starts. It goes so quickly!

While some come to the JCR just for the sustenance of tea and biscuits, others come for the table tennis and football.

Tim and Andrew were battling it out on the table football field this morning. (And it’s Tim’s birthday! Happy birthday, Tim!)

An update on my table football training: I’ve gotten quite a bit better, but not quite over the top yet. Patrick and I remain pretty closely matched, although I’ve had a bit more practice lately. I’ve started beating the worse players with decent regularity. (If I’ve beaten you and you’re reading this and you’re offended, I’m sorry. But we do have to acknowledge the truth that if I’ve beaten you it’s either a fluke, or a bad sign for your abilities as a player.)  Kirsty’s shaking in her boots, I just know it. I’m coming for her.

And of course there’s table tennis. I’ve heard that in years past it hasn’t been this popular, but through some combination of good players and the eternal desire to avoid work, it’s become really popular.

In the course of these pictures you’re going to see a bunch of Robert (one of the American visiting students). This is not because I have some odd fascination with him, but rather because he was in the JCR, playing or watching table tennis for over four hours straight. That’s just what happens in the JCR sometimes.  He was bound to end up in a lot of my pictures.

This is Charlie.

These are Sam and Patrick. At one point Sam was acting as match announcer for Charlie and Robert; it was hilarious.

Apologies for all the black and white photos. Table tennis just looks cooler in black and white, I’ve decided. Table football, on the other hand, looks terrible in black and white. so I just take what I can get.

it’s really easy to get sucked in to watching. Especially if you’re avoiding work. (I’m not saying that Patrick is doing that in this picture. But it’s a good guess for about 80% of the people in the JCR at any point during the day.) Actually, though, it’s easy to get sucked into almost any distraction when you’re avoiding work.

And there you go. That’s a pretty typical morning in the JCR: Brew and work avoidance through table games. Another time I’ll have to take pictures of an evening in the JCR, which are more commonly dominated by two other things: alcohol and…more alcohol?


One Comment on “A Morning in the JCR”

  1. Renee B. says:

    Usually I remember to read your blog when I myself am doing work avoidance. Time to wash the dishes? NOPE. Time to read Karen’s blog. Time to lesson plan? NOPE. Time to read Karen’s blog. Time to write your own blog? NOPE. Time to read Karen’s blog.

    And so forth.

    PS: Also I get on facebook a lot.

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