The Best/Most Ridiculous Poster Ever

Do you all remember this post? In it, I made the off-hand comment,

“…Imagine how freaking awesome it would be to print out a hugely blown up print of the terrified people and hang that up on your wall! Best wall hanging ever. “

Two weeks later, a tube crosses the ocean in my pastor’s suitcase, arrives in London and is delivered to me. I have no idea what is in it, except that it’s from my dad.

I open the tube, and pull out a really large poster (approximately 2’x3′). And this is what is staring me in the face:

If my dad is not the most ridiculous, awesome guy you’ve ever heard of, I’d like to hear about your suggestion for the position…


also typical of my dad: the Bible verse on top.



It’s all perfect.


One Comment on “The Best/Most Ridiculous Poster Ever”

  1. Stephanie Hull says:

    Lol, I love how he threw the picture of the lamb in there.

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