Last Saturday some of the Jewell crew came over and, under Patrick’s masterful coordination, we made brunch! And there were only a few minor mishaps (weird blue paper towels sticking to the bacon, over-cooked potatoes) (p.s. both of those were my bad. I may take more of a backseat role next time…) things came off splendidly.

(photo from Paige’s blog. thanks, dear!) Patrick did a great job coordinating all that food.

Cooking was a colaborative, team effort.

Paige is just the cutest. It’s true.

This is my favorite face of Carl’s. It’s his all-purpose silly face. Sometime I’ll see if I can find more pictures of him making this face, because I know I have to have at least a few more.

Mariah followed my disastrous instructions with the bacon, and then did the dishes afterwards, which was huge, and so helpful.


All in all, it was a very successful brunch, and I think we’re doing it again next week!


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