A More Mature View of Procrastination

I was talking to Shona (our downstairs neighbor, a ministerial student at Regent’s, our warden, and an all-around excellent person to have in our lives) the other day, and she told me she was working on a sermon she’d procrastinated on, but she said that she wasn’t too worried that she’d get it done because (and I quote) “the fact that I’ve procrastinated this much on it means that I feel like it won’t be too big of a deal.”


I felt kind of confused and in awe of this, because it seems to indicate the counter-factual that if she hadn’t have felt confident in her ability to get it done, if she’d thought it was going to be hard, she wouldn’t have procrastinated. The fact that I think something is going to be hard is a key reason for me to procrastinate! (Other key reasons include: feeling on top of the material, wanting to sleep, the Internet’s existence, the wall looking particularly interesting, sleepiness, interesting people being around, the existence of the game of table football, and food’s presence somewhere in the vicinity of several miles)


I’m pretty sure that when I’m down to only one reason to procrastinate, I will have arrived. I will be an adult.


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