Rowing Faces, Before and After

The Regent’s Park Men’s Rowing Crew had their first race today. It makes sense that they would be nervous (first race, first time rowing through a part of the river called “The Gut”, first time with their new coach, first race lead by their cox, etc), and it showed all over their faces (and possibly on the spectators’ faces too, just a tiny bit).

But they did just fine! They didn’t capsize, rowed faster and better than several other crews, and made it through the Gut really well, on their first time through. It was a solid first race. And you could see that on their faces.

So, in this slideshow, see if you can guess where the line is between pictures that are from before the race and which are after:

Before/After the Race:

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One Comment on “Rowing Faces, Before and After”

  1. Renee B. says:

    I’m going to be shallow about this…

    Thumbs up dude = a very cute dude.

    That’s all.

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