Erg Room (of Doom)

Keeping up with the theme of Rowing Week on Jess’ blog (and mine, although I’m way too scatterbrained to only stick to one theme. I’ve also posted a dictionary I made up and pictures of our back porch. Theme-schmeme.), I thought I’d document our erg room in the basement of Regent’s. It’s a little scary, to be honest. Here, look:

It’s got bare wiring sticking out of the wall, abandoned exercise equipment, and a dart board with one dart, but that looks like it’s been played with a ton.

But, once you’re down there and in the middle of a killer distance (which, at my currently level of fitness, is a whole lot of distances. Oh well. I’m getting better), all you think about is ‘just row’-ing:


2 Comments on “Erg Room (of Doom)”

  1. Stephanie Hull says:

    Have you ever played “Fish Game?” Because now I really want to know what that is.

  2. ellinorr says:

    all too familiar

    ps fish game is really fun! play it now!

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