The Rice British-American Dictionary


I swear every time I think I’ve discovered the most normal thing that the British have renamed into something entirely different, but often a word we use differently, I find people laughing at me or looking at me with looks of great confusion and realize that I’ve come across another. With that in mind, this will be a work in progress, as I’m sure I’ll find more. British-isms are in italics.

Chapter 1: The Stereotypical Ones That Everyone Knows About


cheers=thanks, bye, and sundry other cheerfully interactive phrases


Are you alright?= How are ya? (really casual, not concerned as it would be if said by an American)

Chapter 2: A Fun Game Called ‘Same Word, Different Meaning

Academic Section:

essay=paper or essay

paper= a class (not an essay)

course=major in school (not a class)

school=elementary school (definitely NOT to refer to college)

title (of an essay)=the prompt/question. although I’ve been told that you’re actually supposed to use it as the title, too, which I sure as heck didn’t know

Other Topics:

pavement=sidewalk (not asphalt or road)

pudding=almost any kind of desert (not just the jello stuff we think of as pudding)

jumper=jacket/hoodie (not a dress kind of thing)

Chapter 3: Totally Unexpected Things

aubergine=eggplant (and I got laughed at for calling it eggplant. yes, it’s weird to think of an egg-like plant, but don’t even try to tell me that’s weirder than …aubergine)

hob= a pot

Chapter 4: Miscellaneous Very British Things:

-a sign that read: “If this lift is out of order, please ring Schmidt.” (Britishisms in italics)

-saying the book of the Bible titled “1 Peter” as “one Peter” instead of “First Peter”


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