It’s always a bit tricky to bring your camera to an exercise and water-sports event, but I managed at last. Jess took a bunch more pictures than I did, but those’ll come later on her blog.

At noon-ish today, it was gloriously warm and sunny. The river felt like these pictures look:


And then by the time we’d gotten into the boat without all that much warm clothing on, the clouds covered the sunlight, the wind picked up, and it got cold. It felt colder than this picture looks.

It was the kind of cold that makes people unable to stand in any posture besides this one:

And, yes, it will get a lot colder than this in the weeks to come, but this was so unexpected that it felt worse, I think. But, besides the weather, I think it was a pretty good day on the water. We really broke down the stroke and worked on form so that we really solidified our technique. I think it will pay off.

For Jess I think this’ll be a week-long series, so check back at her blog to see more pictures from rowing, including loads of super attractive working-out pictures. When everyone looks their best.

Thanks for reading, as always!


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