Kant, you obnoxious, jerkface, incomprehesible…

Well, Friday looks to be the day that I walk into tutorial armed with an essay that demonstrates a level of understanding of the topic that is approximately equal to that of a…turtle. or a 3rd grader. But not a turtle that is in the third grade. That would be a really smart turtle and would understand this better than I do.


In my defense, however this is what some of the smartest people in the world and best Kant scholars out there have written about the passages that I am slogging through, understanding approximately 60% of the words and 10% of the meaning:

“There may well be room to deplore the extreme difficulty occasioned for us by Kant’s circular presentation of an argument that is already difficult enought to follow.”

“a single paragraph of perhaps unparalleled density…”

and, in a fun, textbook example of extreme understatement, “Kant’s position can now seem very puzzling.”


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