Oh, Kant, you crazy guy…

In this week’s edition of Things Philosophers Get Away With in Their Books That I Could Never Get Away With, Ever…Immanuel Kant!

In the part of the book where the really important thing that he’s doing is describing these certain categories, Kant identifies them by name, and then just quits without any description of what they really mean. This is what he says:

In this treatise, I purposely omit the definitions of the categories, although I may be in possession of them.

He’s a sneaky one. Doesn’t commit himself to anything too incriminating.

I’m going to try that in my next essay, or, better yet, tutorial.

Tutor: So X is our topic this week. Tell me about it.

Me: Well, our topic X.

Tutor:  …?

Me: *silence*

Tutor: Could you tell me a little more about it, describe it perhaps? Do you even know what X means?

Me: I may be in possession of that information, but I have purposely omitted it.

Tutor: *ninja stars me in the neck*

…And that  is why I leave some rhetorical strategies to the experts.


2 Comments on “Oh, Kant, you crazy guy…”

  1. Renee says:

    I am currently in possession of a comment, although I may choose to omit it.

    … wait a second. I’m RENEE. I’m not Kant. I don’t ever choose to omit my comments (even when perhaps I ought to…) Anyway, I just want you to know that I think you write a simply cracker-jack blog, and I love to read it.

  2. Renee says:

    Also, tutors in Oxford are also adept ninjas? I must go there. But not to study something difficult like Kant. I’ll go for something easier to understand like astrophysics maybe, or mollecular biology (of course, the fear there is that I don’t get ninja tutors, but rather tutors that grow bonzai trees or something equally disappointing).

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