After my tutorial today, I just wanted to veg a bit while eating my lunch, so I turned on the BBC iPlayer and watched what was basically SportsCenter for rugby. It was awesome. I think I want to go to a rugby game before I leave.

But anyways, this was what the commentators looked like:

Do they not look really…casual…and Welsh…and like middle-aged-dad-types to you? And I like to imagine that they picked out their clothes themselves. They called each other beforehand and said, “Yee figure we shood maitch aich aither?” “Suure, leet’s weer graeen plaid shairts, and arr jaeens.” “Awright.”    And then they totally don’t match.  Which, come to think of it is how a lot of my attempts at matching go: “This is blue…and this is…greyish…and…jeans go with anything right?” and I run this logic by my friends and they kindly inform me that I am, in fact, mistaken.


and that’s a long way of telling you that I like these guys, even if it surprises me that they can get on tv dressed like that.


One Comment on “Sport”

  1. Stephanie Hull says:

    I’m genuinely surprised that they don’t have pints of beer in front of them.

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