Things to Look At When You’re Stressed

It’s a weird sensation to be simultaneously stressed out of your mind and on deadline, and cracking up laughing. And I’m not even sure those can be simultaneous,  but they were at very least in very close succession this afternoon. When I would get too grumpy and stressed out and bored of my paper, I would look at these and start silently dying of laughter in the library, making everyone wonder what the heck I was looking at that alternately made me grumpy and depressed and shaking with laughter. They’re pictures taken at a super scary moment in a haunted house. They are quite possibly my favorite thing. Ever.

More here. They only get better the more you look at.

And then I saw these pictures:

I mean, come on. Those are just good to look at.  Thanks, lady who takes awesome animal pictures! If I were ever rich, I would decorate all my walls with prints and pictures, and an animal print from her would probably be one of them. Because I like feeling happy, I don’t know about you.

…Imagine how freaking awesome it would be to print out a hugely blown up print of the terrified people and hang that up on your wall! Best wall hanging ever. 


5 Comments on “Things to Look At When You’re Stressed”

  1. katy o says:

    the scared people are HYSTERICAL

  2. Jordan Lemons says:

    Karen, how do you find these things?! The terrified people are perfect, really. A definite pick-me-up during despairing study time. I have been enjoying your blog immensely. You definitely do the best job of keeping everyone updated, and I appreciate that. Thanks, friend 🙂

  3. […] you all remember this post? In it, I made the off-hand comment, “…Imagine how freaking awesome it would be to print […]

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