Wherein I perpetuate stereotypes about the U.K., yet again. And point out that, as much as I love it, philosophy is ridiculous. Again.  I’m nothing if not consistent…

Patrick Ward Quote of the Week:  *said majestically* “I don’t procrastinate; I win fantasy football championships.” 

Academic Discipline of the Week: Philosophy. Why? Only in philosophy do you get a law named after you when you state that when two things have exactly identical features, down the their physical location, they are, in fact, the same thing.  Ta da! Leibniz’s Law! And it’s actually useful.

Top 2 Most British Signs of the Week:

Could you recycle your item of waste?

Please keep the library tidy. 

The Most British Contraction That Will Ever Exist: 



2 Comments on “Awards!”

  1. Jess says:

    If that isn’t procrastination, I don’t know what is 😉

  2. Paige says:

    What award do I win??

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