Guys. I love biking. It’s my new favorite thing. I go places really quickly, I zip around pokey buses (it’s my secret goal every time I bike down the long stretch of our road to beat a bus, seeing as they have to stop and all… I’ve only done it once, but I keep good time with them.). When you are in a crowd or just don’t want to bike, you can scooter along on the side of your bike, which is another of my favorite things. But when I’m riding, I dodge through side streets and swing up next to the bike lock, hopping off before the bike’s stopped. Basically, I do things with a jaunty swagger and zest for life. And who doesn’t love that feeling?

But, even with all this joy and excitement, I feel that my bike riding is lacking something. What could this be, you ask?Riding no hands!  People look so cool when they do that, plus you can keep your hands and arms warmer by not sticking your wrists out there for the wind to shoot up. And you look really cool. I really think that riding no hands would complete my enjoyment of biking. Goal: set.

So I’ve been starting to practice. When I have checked to make sure the road is clear, I get up a good head of speed, and then let go. Results have been…fair to middling. No crashes, no great successes. But I can feel the breakthrough is just around the bend. (not literally. there are very few bends on my road. and I don’t think I’ll be ready to take bends on no-handed any time soon here, no matter how much jaunty confidence I have.) So I’ve been watching this video for inspiration. I found it on Hannah’s blog, and I can’t wait until I’m cool enough to do those. Watch out, Oxford!

P.S. when do I get to shoot lasers out of my eyes!? I don’t know that that came as an option on my cheapo bike…


One Comment on “goals”

  1. Megan says:

    i like that so much.

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