Regent’s Park College Library

This is the first of a series of posts documenting the best and worst of the many, many places to study in Oxford.

Pros: 24-hour access, pretty good philosophy collection, really good theology collection, close access to Brew and distractions in the JCR (just across the Quad), decent amount of space, people you know to whom you can complain

Cons: hypothermia, loss of digits, noise of other people’s chattering teeth, (can you tell? it’s cold.) whistling wind in the window cracks that makes you feel even colder than you already are, having to pack lots of layers with you to stay warm

Special Features: largest single piece of etched glass in Europe (I’m told), William Carey’s deathbed/reclining couch right outside the door if you’re desperate for a nap

Photo Credit: Jess Gliserman

Note the coat, hunched shoulders, and clasped hands. By the time it gets to be winter, Patrick will look like this:

You think I’m kidding.


2 Comments on “Regent’s Park College Library”

  1. Jessica's Dad...aka Mr. G. says:

    haha! the Patrick pic is hilarious!

  2. Mom says:

    And can we have the next installment in this series???

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