An Evening with Friends

Travis demonstrated his new way of conveying where he is from: torn-out napkin shapes! I had to help him with the correct shape and placement of the St. Louis bulge, which we all know is the best and most important part of the state… (*ducks to avoid hard projectiles*)

Aww, I have the cutest friends. I would have said that after the last picture, but I don’t think Patrick would appreciate his key descriptor being “cute.”

I really wish this picture was in focus, but I’ll just try to sneak it by, making it smaller and hoping everyone just thinks their eyes are going bad.

Pims! and Lemonade! Patrick’s first try was…strong. The second was just right. .500 batting average isn’t bad at all. especially when “striking out” in this metaphor (analogy? help me, Lit students!) just means accomplishing one aim (inebriation) faster while sacrificing the other (taste). Still, I prefer mine a little more dilute.

Artsy! Or confusing! either way, i braved climbing onto our tiny porch/potted plants space to get it.

Again, really lovely friends, blurry picture.

Photo Credit Above: Jess

Dominion! It’s my personal mission to get everyone hooked on this game so I always have someone to get distracted for a while with me playing it. 6 down, many more to go…

All of you need to come to our flat and visit, we’re really fun! Paige, Patrick, Travis, Stephen, and Hannah will tell you!

P.S. I think Jess is adding a picture or two more from tonight over here


4 Comments on “An Evening with Friends”

  1. I should note that the Missouri napkin looked much better a while later. There it does look like Mississippi/Alabama.

  2. […] This is her post on the evening. […]

  3. Megan says:

    I want to come over and play!

  4. katy o says:

    LOVE the artsy picture 🙂

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