Okay, guys, you might think that Oxford is just unequivocally beautiful in all areas, because….I mean, it kind of is, and because that’s all anyone takes pictures of. But that’s not entirely true. And so in the post, in order to give you more of a balanced perspective, I will talk about some things that aren’t so attractive about England:


1. Sagging skinny jeans on boys.  Really, guys? It makes you look sloppy and ridiculous.


2. Buildings made in the ’70s. If only there had been someone in the ’70s with the foresight to say, “Guys, I know we think this looks rad, but…I have this sneaking suspicion that we’re going to regret these buildings. Let’s just give it a year or 10.” Would have saved otherwise-beautiful places some unfortunate buildings, like this one at Balliol, which is otherwise gorgeous.

I mean, it’s…okay….but the rest of the college is filled with some of the most beautiful spaces I’ve ever seen in one place. And then the ’70s or maybe ’80s had to come in and ruin things…


One Comment on “Perspective”

  1. katy o says:

    One of my friends has pants just like that. He holds them up with a shoe-lace.

    Also, a little part of me loves those ugly 70’s buildings! Mostly because so many have those huge, reflective windows. Then the trees and snow and blue skies and sunrises and sunsets and all that are reflected huge in them and it is SO beautiful!

    And I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures! Oxford seems like such an amazing adventure 🙂

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