A Day for Exploring


My plan is to Sabbath every Thursday afternoon after turning in my major essay. It’s a time where I will intentionally rest and spend time with God and reflect and explore somewhere new and beautiful while I do it. I can see myself getting caught up in my daily rhythms and only treading my familiar routes, so I’m trying to head that off before it really gets started. And it was such a glorious time of rest this afternoon. I explored University Church and Balliol College, and a little of University College. I am so fortunate to get to spend this time in this place. Fall! I love it, man. Absolute favorite season.

This is as close as you’re going get to a self-portrait from today. Side note: i love those riding boots. They are comfortable and make me feel okay with my skinny jeans and will be decently waterproof come winter.

This is the chapel at Balliol College. That school is just gorgeous. I plan to come here pretty often.

This is the Radcliffe Camera from the University Church across the square. I find I like warped old clear glass more than fancy stained glass sometimes. This was one of those times.

On the suggestion of the lovely and wise Megan, I went to University Church for some time of quiet and reflection, at least between groups of tourists coming through.

Again, a view across towards the Radcliffe Camera, except from a very different angle this time.

View from the church into the garden. Everything has a garden, including the Philosophy Faculty Library. I think multiple occasions of tea and cookies (biscuits, to be British about it) are something that ought to be added to every day and gardens ought to be added to every location. Then again, if hundreds of years of British colonization of lots of the world hasn’t started those things, I’m not sure one exchange student making the same discoveries as everyone else who goes, year after year, will do much to aid that state of affairs.

Dang, though, if it isn’t beautiful…



One Comment on “A Day for Exploring”

  1. Christine says:

    i would like it to be known that i read this blog post before megan… not that it’s a contest or anything…
    karen, you’re cool. i love reading about your life.

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