This means that it is time for me to go grocery shopping. We can eat at college during the week, but we fend for ourselves in the morning and on the weekends.  Which means that I’ve been having chicken curry ramen noodles (not the typical sodium/chicken flavored ones I’m used to) and microwaved canned soup for breakfast. And lunch today. and dinner. So it’s time to go grocery shopping.

This means that I need to get a new bike light before I bike at night again, unless I want to get stopped by the police (again) and get a massive ticket this time. Which I most definitely do not. The other night I was riding home, with one light, and these policepeople passed me once, pulled off to a side street, popped up again on another side street, went by me again.. at this point I figured they were either on a man-hunt, which I don’t think happens all that often in Oxford, or I was about to get busted. It was the second. they pulled me over, told me that it was an ‘offense’ to have only one light, and made me walk my bike the rest of the way home. You can get up at a £60 fine. that just blows my mind. Tickets while driving are a huge waste of money themselves, but to get a ticket while riding a bike?? I would NOT like spending that money. So a new bike light it is for me.

Apparently the police care more about biking without lights than biking while drunk. Priorities, people… Also, I need to fix my bike basket. I’ve been jerry-rigging it more and more the last few days until it was held on by poneytail holders, a zip tie, and my bike lock. So that needs to get stabilized a bit.  (I tried to make myself spell ‘stablised’ the British way, but I just couldn’t do it. It’s one of those things that takes time, I think.)

This means that I still haven’t learned the denominations of coins, so I’m trying to become familiar with them so I can actually pay for things in coins, instead of fumbling increasingly frantically with coins for a minute while people line queue up behind me until just giving up and handing in a bill. These mean that I need to get off of here and start reading for at least 8 hours today. They also mean that I have maxed out my allotted 12 books checked out at a time at the Philosophy Faculty Library and had to check some out on Jess‘s card. Thanks, Jess!

So, off I go. I hope your day is a good one.


One Comment on “Meanings”

  1. Shirley Keyser says:

    Going grocery shopping today too, although you would ask where will you put them? But I need salad makings and yogart etc. I have showered and colored my hair and it (was 8:00 before I started arguing with WordPress about passwords) 8:20. Good start. Hope to get a lot done today. Need to buy a topper for my new King bed…it didn’t sleep well with the ridge around the edge of the mattress. Love your details and photos. Grandma

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