The Fam

My family’s the coolest. For reals. Here’s an example of how:

As I was packing, my mom kept adding gift-wrapped packages to my suitcases. There were only a few at first. And I finished packing, weighed my suitcase (49 pounds. BAM.), and left it sitting there for a day before I had to leave. By the time it got to the airport to be weighed, it topped out at 54 pounds! Noooo! How did that happen? But I pushed it aside and shoved more things into my already-bursting backpack than was convenient, comfortable, or fun at all, but I’m a Rice, which means that I will always pick cheap over convenient. And there you have it.

Well, where did the mysterious 5 pounds come from, you ask? As I was unpacking, I found these:

So many packages and a bag of letters! and I still couldn’t open them. Mom told me that she would email me when I could open each one. [Side note: please note the Keyser/Rice frugality, again. My family sent me care packages with me so they wouldn’t have to ship them to me. Brilliant!]

So I figured that they were time-triggered, like, I’d get on a month in, and on a random day, etc.

Turns out, they are event-triggered! Which is even better! We all had Freshers’ Flu earlier this week, so my mom told me “You can open the white envelope with two cat stickers on it.” And what was it but a get-well-soon card from my family! Instantly! In England!

They are my favorites.


5 Comments on “The Fam”

  1. K Keyser says:

    This is SO awesome. Hand-signed and everything! Yes, you do have a wonderful family.

  2. Shirley Keyser says:

    I love you and your family. Your Mom is so thoughtful and creative. She once gave me a neighborhood birthday party IN ST. LOUIS while I was in AFRICA. She sent the video and a promise of receiving the gifts (frugality wins) when I returned. The neighbors wished me a good year alive on video.

  3. Shirley Keyser says:

    Oh yes. Your Mom sent Christmas and birthday and Mothers/Father’s Day gifts WITH us to Africa one year. On April 4th, my birthday, I opened a beautiful music tape. What inspiration and a blessing while our lives were at stake in the war. On April 6th we were evacuated from Liberia with one small bag. Goodbye lovely gifts, I can’t take you. Sad.

  4. Megan says:

    Your fam is so cool!!!!! I like them a lot. I feel like we’re friends, even though we’ve only met on skype. (: Someday I will be friends with them in real life too. I can’t wait for that day.

  5. katy o says:

    That is SOOOOO sweet!!

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