Radcliffe Camera

Today I am reading inside the building above in a room that looks like this:

…with a ceiling like this:

As I wrote to Amber yesterday, one of the coolest things about being here is  zipping around town on my bike, hanging out on the left side of the road like a native, and hopping off my bike to go get a book out of one of the most famous libraries in the world like it’s no big deal. Plus everyone has a rad accent.

But, really, what a privilege I have to be here. I am so thankful for it today.


2 Comments on “Radcliffe Camera”

  1. You sis says:

    This is TOTALLY awesome. Can’t wait to be there with you. Also I like these pictures they are cool. Miss you, Nance (your sis in case you forgot)

    • tedenrice says:

      You are silly. Of course I remember. Wait, are you the…youngest one? or is that…what’s her name? Susan?

      just kidding, of course. I can’t wait until i can show you all the cool places around here!

      also: I didn’t take these pictures; I just found them online. but they are really cool!

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