I was carrying a box of pizza, and a guy asked me for money, but I’m still figuring out my approach to that, so I offered him a piece of pizza. He accepted, even though it was a bit cold. We left on pretty friendly terms. I hope to see him again and ask him his name and maybe get to know him some.

I guess the moral of this story for me is that encounters with homeless folks or people begging for money go so much better with pizza in hand.


3 Comments on “Today”

  1. megan says:

    that’s brilliant. who isn’t excited to accept a hot delicious slice of pizza? if only you could mary poppins a pizza box out of your backpack at any time.

    • You sis says:

      I agree with Megan, a Mary Poppins backpack would be perfect. Also I like how you just decide to give him a piece of pizza. He will probably always remember you as that lady that gave a piece of pizza and he loved it and now he asked for pizza instead of money!!!

      • tedenrice says:

        ha! that would be a pretty unsuccessful strategy for street requests, I think. Not many people have boxes of pizza with them most of the time.

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