Oxford, U.K. (where I am)…It’s true.

It’s pretty crazy that I live in Oxford and go to school at the University of Oxford, Regent’s Park College. On the other hand, it’s starting to feel really normal and right. This is where I am; I’m not supposed to be anywhere else. As Karla wrote me, “The One who does all things well has done well in moving you into this adventure.”

So here are some pictures, as promised:

Historic, beautiful, interesting streets like this are super normal in Oxford. For the first couple of days I walked around waiting to come across the ugly part of town, the nonhistoric part of town, the suburban part of town. It doesn’t exist. I mean, there are different styles, and some things built in the 70’s are a bit unfortunate, but ugly buildings are isolated instances, and I haven’t found an overall ugly block yet. It’s crazy.

This is the street our college is on. It’s like a hidden entryway; it’s really easy to miss unless you pay attention, but then you see the door and go in and there’s a beautiful quad and the library and dining hall and JCR and all that.

This is a view out from the JCR (Junior Common Room, the student hang out spot) onto the Quad. We have gorgeous red ivy on the walls. Our quad might not be as big or impressive as some of the bigger quads, but it is beautiful and friendly. Other places make rules that you can’t touch the grass, but we can lay on ours or play ridiculous games of croquet on it. It’s better.

This was my study location this morning. I love my view out into the garden (backyard) of our flat. Maybe I’ll do a series of posts wherein I profile various study spots, pros and cons, and best times of use. Seems like something that will likely happen. Get excited…

Oxford is the biking-est city I’ve ever seen. Every single wall and railing is either being used as a bike rack or has signs strictly warning against  using it as a bike rack. there are hardcore bike lanes on almost all streets. you are never out of sight of someone biking. If you look back through the street pictures I’ve put up, I bet you can see at least one person on a bike in every one. Plus it’s really flat and compact so you’ll easily get almost anywhere  in not too long. And I finally got a bike today! Woot!

Multicolored doors!

And this is our house. Top flat is ours.

The “C” makes no sense as part of our address. There is no 110 A or 110B. There’s just 110 and 110 C on our block. Which you can’t know beforehand. Which is how I ended up knocking persistently on the door of 110 after being dropped off by a taxi on my very first day, and very confusedly and jet-laggedly trying to make sense of the kind woman at the door telling me that, no, they were not having any students living there, perhaps I meant next door? Ah, yes, perhaps.


3 Comments on “Oxford, U.K. (where I am)…It’s true.”

  1. Hannah De Priest says:

    Hey Karen, I don’t want to be the weird mom or anything, but you might be careful about sharing your address on the blog with pictures… unless it’s a private blog. There are weirdos out there.

    Sorry, just feeling protective! 🙂

    Beautiful pictures, by the way!

    • tedenrice says:

      Good call, Hannah. I’ve taken down the street name in this an one previous post, and I’ll consult with my folks about the house number. Unfortunately nothing ever permanently goes away on the internet, but at least a creeper can’t stumble across it too easily.

      I always appreciate people being protective of me. I’m glad you seem to be feeling better, although it’s a slow process!

  2. You sis says:

    Hiya, Karen! (Meant as a karate kick, and Karen is meant to be said will kicking. I am not kicking you but the crazy evil ninja behind you. a.k.a. saving your life. He had a pen.)

    Anyways I love pictures, pictures, pictures in this post keep ’em comin’. Also I think it is awesome and sort of unfair that Oxford has all beautiful building and stuff keep looking their may be a secret entrance like the one you have which is sooooo awesome. Biking, huh, you will become very moosecular, so when we come don’t make fun of me. I will try to keep up with you but it will be tough. Nothing is more awesome then multicolored doors especially since they aren’t trying to hide them inside. I laughed so hard when I read about you trying to get into 110 instead of 110/c. Love ya, Nancy

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