Photos Lately

Unfortunately none of these are from Oxford. But I have committed plans to bring out the camera soon.

This is Christine’s lamp. it really fascinated me. It just has some cool shapes and colors. (as my mom says, “You’re easily amused, Karen…”)

See?? that’s cool looking! what a rad lightbulb!

This photo is from a random rose garden I found when I was in Kansas City the last day before I left. I don’t usually hyper-process photos like this, but the photo was really blown out when I first took it, and this was the only way I could get it to visibility. But I think it looks kinda cool like this.

Same with this one. Over-processed, not my usual style, but I like it.

Aaaaand a cliche flower picture. but just because it’s cliche doesn’t mean that it’s not really, really pretty.

I was delayed for 3+ hours in Houston and didn’t have internet, or a place to sleep. So I took pictures. of course.


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