I am super bad at packing. I avoid it for as long as possible (I packed from 9:30 pm to 1 am the night before I was leaving for Peru for 3 months), then agonize while I’m doing it, and end up simultaneously packing too much and leaving a bunch of stuff I really need. If the going gets particularly bad, there may be actual pulling of hair involved. usually the hair doesn’t get pulled out all the way, though.

so with all that skill at packing, you can imagine that packing enough things for 10 months, 4 seasons, travelling clothes, and formal clothes, was going to be a challenge. In fact, given my scatterbrained and tired state yesterday, I think I legitimately would not have been able to do it without my mom.

Faced with this:

and this:

My mom directed me all day, rolled clothes tightly, rearranged…and finally prevailed: we got everything I need (not everything in the pictures, not by a long shot) into one 50 pound suitcase, one 30 pound carry-on backpack, and one “personal item” tote bag. BOOM.

I know part of this next year will be me maturing and growing up and being more of an adult, but for now I’m grateful for my mom’s packing help.

P.S. Please don’t judge my mom for raising such a messy daughter. I don’t know how I turned out the way I did. It wasn’t for lack of trying (read: nagging) by Mom.


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