Lots of Photos, always

I love my dad. You can tell just from his eyes that he’s the friendliest, kindest, hardest working dad there is. I’m so not kidding.

Turns out that Jenga (or “Jumbling Towers” as I prefer to call it, based on the knock off version that I’ve always played. Plus it has such a better ring to it, no?) is a really photogenic game/sport. I know it’s not a sport, but I couldn’t help myself from calling it that all day. Go figure.

We are hardcore. One-handed, first-block-you-touch, boo-ed-if-you-cop-out-and-take-a-middle block style.

The agony of picking the wrong block

The giant chess set at Pierre Marquette (a lodge up the Mississippi River a ways). These have gotten progressively smaller as the years have passed. I remember when they were almost as tall as me.

Mis padres (the ‘rents)

Mi hermano. Gonna miss this crazy guy…

The towers! They are jumbled!

Finger-jousting. GarriOnn definitely won. Dumb, strong football player. But Susan got some great action shots!

Down the Great River Road at sunset. Photo credit: nancy

See, I don’t just put up crazy face pictures of my sisters. I’m fair to myself. Photo credit: GarriOnn


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