Family Indian Food and Game Night!

Tonight my family celebrated my birthday just a little (a month and some) early, since I’m leaving rather shortly for a rather long time.

We ate at Haveli, which is a baller Indian restaurant where we took teams to eat this summer all the time. If you live in the St. Louis area, you really, really ought to eat there. I have not one single complaint about it, except perhaps to warn you that every time I go I eat enough delicious food to make myself uncomfortably, yet blissfully full. so…don’t eat beforehand or anything.

Then we came home and played my present, which was a game called Dominion. It’s sort of similar to Setttlers of Cataan, but it’s just cards. But it’s a brilliant game! All of our brains are still spinning with new strategies and tricks we’re going to try next time we play. Solid choice, family!

and finally, I got a super exciting lens for my camera today. it’s one of my few creative or artistic (thought for another time: what’s the distinction between those words?) outlets, and I really enjoy taking pictures. so here are a few:

I’m pretty sure Diana was threatening to throw her keys at me at this moment, but she looks very lovely and nonthreatening in the picture, somehow…

I love this picture of Susan, and that is some kinda face she’s making!

These two co-conspirators had this game in the bag from the get-go. and it was their first time playing!

And now and artsy, contrasty, shallow depth of field shot to show off my beautiful new lens. I love it!


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