Week 8? Maybe?

Well, here it is Week…8? 9? Who knows.

this was my first week back from a really great week of vacation. I took the megabus to KC, bummed around with my really rad friends. I enjoyed just getting to live life with Christine M. Duncan, RN, and celebrate the end of Paige’s hardcore summer research (a 50-some page paper! imagine that. Sheesh!), and hanging at the house with Kalie, Meredith, and Lexie.

Then I hopped the megabus back to St. Louis and bummed around at home. I got to spend a lot of time hanging out with GarriOnn, moving mulch; picking up, dropping off, and moving refrigerators; and making trips to the scrap metal yard where we stood out from the weather-beaten hard-core scrappers who are regulars there. I really loved spending time with him; he’s such a hard-working, funny, awesome guy. It’s cool to see the person God is making him.

And then back to work. We have had teams from Tulsa and Dallas, and they are pretty rad. I even had kids volunteering and rounding up other kids to come to Alpha Terrace, which is always encouraging. It was our last week at Alpha Terrace, and it was a good week, although we had fewer people than usual this week.

A short story from the last day at Alpha Terrace that illustrates how it was most of the time: there was some sort of miscommunication (typical occurrence #1) and I didn’t have volunteers at first so we were late ([semi-]typical occurrence #2). Mr. Al, the dance instructor, got huffy when we were late and left (typical occurrence #3). So we hung out with Miss Barbara and Miss Vernice, and Miss Vernice told me she got a college scholarship when she was 12 (very typical occurrence #4). The people playing Pokino ignored us like always (#5). But then Mr. Al got over his drama queen huffiness (#6), and came down the end. And we had a really sweet time where I got to give them certificates of appreciation for their help (oh which I forged Paul’s signature [lax rules, #7]), and gave some of the regulars personal notes I’d written. It was good to be there. (#8) And Mr. Al thanked me and told me I’d done a good job! Uncommon occurrence, for sure, but I’ll take it!

and now it’s the weekend. One week to go and we’re done! also: I finally started pictures, and I wish had done that way earlier. Oh well. Expect lots of pictures this week!


One Comment on “Week 8? Maybe?”

  1. katy says:

    I really enjoy that you used the word “rad” and may begin to attempt to use it periodically, because it is a fantastic word!

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