Weeks 4-6

well, it’s been a few weeks.

and I confess I can’t even remember much about week 4. I seem to have the general impression that it was a good week.

I spent Week 5 in South City, our other site, hanging out with Rhoda and April. The parts with Rhoda and April were quite good. The rest of the week was…rough. The teams had expectations about the week that didn’t line up with the tough, challenging, self-giving week that is required. So, there were struggles, but the teams that have the roughest time often come back the next year, having actually engaged with the issues and the difficulties of serving others, and they actually grow the next year, with a process that started the year before. God can use it all.

This last week was pretty solid all around. Teams from Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Indiana. 55 people. And they were excited to serve! It was lovely.

Also: I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with the City Lights folks lately. They are finishing this next week, and we still have another 3 weeks. Craziness.

And now I’m on vacation! I’m headed to Kansas City to see dear friends from school, and then I’ll hang with the family and sleep lots, and read, I think.


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