Generalities are boring, specifics are much funnier and more interesting.

SO, here are random notes to myself I have found on my phone and various other places:

Jerry re:bathroom. Leia re:projects for seniors. Buy decks of cards. cans for alpha terrace exercise. ABI? Transportation tomorrow? devo with keith. Garden? 

That’s one of the more comprehensible notes I’ve found. This one strikes me as being written in a code I used to know but have now forgotten after an unfortunate  accident with a sledge hammer and paint thinner. And I only wrote it three weeks ago!

Harambee kids. Address of paint job. Move concussion kid. spencer? Move dave? Move eyebrow kid? Lisa Sch—‘s ph #. Master 82nd list. No need to help abi. Separate maps, good cleaning supplies? separate plym9outh gard or is mr. spivy? 

my favorite part about that is “eyebrow kid.” Also: to be clear, I didn’t call him that because he had particularly unfortunate eyebrows, but because a flashlight had fallen off a bed and hit him in the eybrow, requiring stitches. Hence: eyebrow kid.

And then I found this note in my phone, that I didn’t write, but I like very much:

You are very loved, Karen Rice : )  This reminder brought to you by Sara White. 

Looks like Somebody got my phone and left an encouraging note. What a great kid.


2 Comments on “”

  1. Mary Bowser says:

    Hey, I think I know the concussion kid, and Dave, and Spencer, and Lisa Sch…! What a week! Glad we made your phone!

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