Week 3

Week 3. Kansas, Wisconsin, Mississippi. Boomtown.

Euphemism of the Week: “High-personality leadershipwhich means: Mike Collison, one of the leaders from the Wisconsin team. This was Mike’s 5th year bringing down a team, and he really loves the tutoring kids, and neighborhood kids, and the folks we get to work with. And he does everything with TONS of energy and a great deal of volume. As Andrew said, “If you want to see someone who doesn’t just sit on his butt…MIKE gets off his butt.” He might be a bit over the top sometimes, but Mike loves folks and brought lots of energy this week. Yes, he is the epitome of “high-personality leadership.”

Lecture of the Week: the lecture given me for half an hour by an elderly man at Alpha Terrace on why my major was dumb (“Nonprofits are just professional beggars.”) and why they should have found a better person to do my job. It was a fun half an hour,but, hey, he wanted to give someone advice and criticism, and if that could be me, alright.

Person Who Preached the Gospel Most Powerfully to Me This Week: Sara Delinda White. She listened as I had a meltdown, then made me tell her what the Gospel was, and then just preached it back at me. It is just good news. I will never be more loved and accepted than I am now, at my ugliest, worst moment, and at my best. Thanks for reminding me of that, Sara.

Free Day Activity of the Week: meandering aimlessly around on the moped through forest park, the central west end, etc. Then painting with Susan. It was good.

Addictive Computer Game of the week: Angry Birds.

Whose fault it is: Amy’s. She introduced me to that simple, addictive game, and I spent a lot of my downtime flinging computerized birds at structures. Not okay.

Best and Worst Things About the Week: different days at Alpha Terrace. If my friends come, it’s so much fun and I come back energized and excited. If no one shows up except grumpy folks and I have to take their harsh criticism all afternoon, while trying to keep my volunteers engaged, I come back tired and grumpy and feeling depressed about the rest of the day. Pray that I would learn to love the difficult folks as well as the fun ones, because Jesus didn’t call me to love only fun older people, only the people I like to be around, but also (and especially!) the people no one else wants to be around. More mercy.

Favorite Volunteers of the Week: The lovely girls (and Austen) who helped me at Alpha Terrace and left each day excitedly asking if they could be back the next day. They lived out God’s love and excitement for the residents and reminded me that it’s a privilege and not a job to be there and spend time with these folks. They were awesome.

Well, teams from Texas, Michigan, and St. Louis are already getting here for Week 4. God is good, all the time.

Peace out, yo.


One Comment on “Week 3”

  1. Shirley Keyser says:

    Dear, dear Karen,

    Does sound like there are some unpleasant parts to your job…(all jobs). Here’s a thought: suppose that your Grandma (me) was one of those grumpy people at the nursing home. You can remember that I used to be sweet and kind, but now that I have all that pain and especially have all those people controlling my life, well, I feel grumpy. I might feel better if I can feel more in control, like telling someone (you) how to do your job, your life, and what you have done wrong. Whew! Not I forgot my pain for awhile.

    I know you are doing your best and they are lucky to have you around, my sunny girl.

    Grandma K.

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